Will you have enough money to retire? Will your income last?

Income planning can be one of the most complicated and critical aspects of retirement.  How you restructure your assets from a pre-retirement portfolio to a reliable income stream is critical to insure that you have an income that will keep up with inflation and last for the rest of your life.  At Verley Financial our experienced team provides income planning for clients in both good markets and bad.

How?  We accomplish this by:

  • Constructing an income-generating portfolio and running risk analysis testing
  • Sourcing and analyzing lifetime and increasing income options
  • Analyzing Social Security benefits and educating clients on ways to optimize that income
  • Risk management – Unplanned for disability, death and long term care exposure can have tragic effects on a couple’s lifetime income security.

Ideally, the process begins several years before retirement, so we can have everything in place when the day comes.  We also work with younger clients to help them set and meet long term goals that enable them to have the retirement lifestyle they desire.